wedding and event planning

in wine country, California

We became planners because we're people-people. We thrive in the chaos that is a wedding: 8+ vendors, 100+ guests, heat, rain, wind, and your mother-in-law. We love it all. We still reminisce about past flowers, dresses, bowties, meals, and dances that we've had the joy of witnessing. We believe in honoring all traditions and cultures and are happiest when they intersect. We are in the business of celebrating you. Let us guide you through the first day of the rest of your lives. 

a bit about us:

We believe in being the first ones on the dance floor, using every photo booth prop, and always trying the cake!

-Yesenia & Melaina

At Showrunner, these principles guide everything We do:

We believe every human being is valuable. We believe the services we provide are valuable. From the moment you first engage with us, you’ll know we value your time and believe you deserve excellent service, streamlined processes, and clear communication.


Events are about celebrating moments in the context of community. We’re honored to be a part of your community for this event and thrilled to showcase it with you.


A successful event is one that accomplishes your vision. We’ll draw out your vision, from visual details to the moments you want to remember forever. We’ll work with experts and artists in the field to make your vision a reality.