As your planners, we will guide you through the next steps in wedding planning. We’re here to anticipate your wedding day needs, collaborate on your design, accomplish your vision, and alleviate any stress that naturally arises from planning the most memorable night of your lives.  

Fundamentally, our purpose is logistics: setting up meetings with vendors; managing rentals; scheduling delivery dates; overseeing guest counts for catering needs; directing flow (of guests, service, shuttles, vendors, timing); and orchestrating getting you down the aisle on time. 

With checklists, unlimited communication, and key meetings, we keep you on course. Whether we're designing it for you or collaborating with you, we synthesize your vision through the lens of available rentals. And while honing in on what is most important to you, we offer you a place to be you. We live for the details and love seeing them come to life.

What we offer

We take pride in discerning precisely what you need and realizing your vision with great care and expertise. We understand that planning a wedding, although fun, is a time-consuming venture. This package lets us take the passenger seat while we co-pilot you through all the planning ups and downs. We'll walk you through venue tours, vendor selections, menu planning, florals, and event design. We'll research while you get the final say on all the finer details that make for a beautiful, cohesive event. We want to give you and your guests the wedding experience you have only yet dreamed of. 


This package allows us to take the guesswork out of planning a wine country wedding. 'What vendors should I get?' or 'what chairs should I choose?' We'll help you find the aesthetic and essential elements you need for your unique event. We'll make sure the necessary vendors and rental quantities are secured, all while keeping your budget in mind. Long before your venue required you to hire a planner, you knew you wanted to team up with one. Let us assist you in the planning and design of your magical
wedding—it’s what we're here for. 


This package is perfect for those who already have their wedding vision in mind, their vendors booked, and their rentals chosen. Three months before your wedding we will have our planning meeting. There, we'll listen to your dreams and concerns and wrap them into the necessary maps, timeline, event plan, and processional order needed for all the key players. Utilizing those allows us to manage and execute your wedding day perfectly while you bask in the glow of it all.


Complete for most day-of coordination requirements, which is only the start of what else it offers

Perfect for the client that knows what they want but would still prefer or need a professional's opinion

All the planning and design guidance for every asethetic and essential component of your event


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Information about your packages, pricing, conditions. Includes all the details here. Booking conditions and terms, etc.

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Other events



Our corporate events are all inclusive, from venue, vendors, design, and day-of management. Starting with venue, we incorporate its natural aesthetic in the overall selection of vendors and design. Packages are customizable to meet clients' budget and requirements. 

Whether birthday parties, anniversaries, engagement parties, or mitzvahs, we customize  packages to suit your celebration's needs. We can help with design, vendor selection, location and all the in-betweens. And we'll be there for you the day-of to make sure you can party accordingly.  

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If you are time-limited, we recommend the Remarkable package that lightens the load of finding your vendor team. If that's not a concern, our Timeless package is more than sufficient to meet your venue and caterer needs. 

if we're coming from out of state, what service would you recommend?

We offer a la carte items for our two partial planning packages if you need to add a service, but we currently do not manage invitations. 

What is not included in your services?

Since the pandemic, we've experienced an uptick in overall industry costs where we've seen an average of up to $85k for 150 guests. This fluctuates depending on overall needs, guest count and venue, and we're happy to work below or above this figure. 

what's the average budget of the weddings you plan?

Weddings have become large production events! Back when our parents were getting married, planning used to fall on a family member or a church to manage all the moving parts. Nowadays, venues require a planner and vendors rely on them for the management of the day.  Planners have become the coordinators and managers of the whole wedding day from start to finish, allowing the couple to enjoy their day under their care and execution. 

Why do I need a planner?

Most of our clients hire us a year out, regardless of package. We include unlimited phone and e mail correspondence because we like to be as involved and helpful as we can. Use us as a resource throughout the process!